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Getting Started with PowerBIMI

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure PowerBIMI, allowing your logo to be displayed in supported inboxes. 

With PowerBIMI, you simply need to upload your SVG logo and publish the custom-tailored BIMI record on your DNS. We’ll take care of hosting your logo and maintaining the server. 

BIMI pre-requisites you should know about 

Before configuring PowerBIMI for your domains, you need to meet the following requirements: 

1. Your domain must be at DMARC enforcement (i.e p=quarantine, reject) 

2. Your SVG logo must meet the BIMI specifications

If those requirements are met, you’ll be able to configure PowerBIMI with a few clicks! 

Configuring PowerBIMI 

  1. On the left-hand side menu, navigate to PowerBIMI

  2. Select your domain from the drop-down menu 

  3. If your domain is NOT at DMARC enforcement (p=quarantine/reject), you will not be able to upload your logo.

  1. If your domain is at DMARC enforcement (p=quarantine/reject), click on "Choose File" to  Upload your BIMI logo 

  1. Optionally - you can upload your VMC certificate 

  1. Once you've uploaded your logo (and optionally your VMC certificate), click on “Save BIMI Record” 

  1. Once clicked, the status of “Hosted BIMI” will change from Disabled → Pending

  1. Publish the BIMI CNAME records on your DNS and click on “Validate Record” 

  1. Once the records have been validated, Hosted BIMI will be Enabled for your domain 

  1. After enabling Hosted BIMI, you will be able to change your logo or remove it from the same PowerBIMI page (no more going tedious DNS changes) 

    Don't forget to click on "Save BIMI record" once you change/remove your logo.

  1. To make sure your logo is displayed in supported inboxes, refer to our BIMI implementation guide 

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