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IP Information Page: What is it and where can I find it?

How Do I Find My IP Information Page?

After logging into your PowerDMARC account, you can click on any IP address, anywhere on the platform, and it will redirect you to the IP information page. 

This is what the IP information page will look like: 

What Information Can I Find on the IP Information Page? 

On the IP information page, you can find all information pertaining to the IP address that you clicked on. It contains a live map of the geo-location of the specified IP address: 

On the right-hand side of the page, you will find a list of details about the IP address, such as the net name, net range, net handle, CIDR, organization, date of registration, last updated on, location and address, city, postal code, etc. 

Moreover, this page provides insight on the IP address’s history of domain abuse, such as how many blacklists this IP is listed on, along with information about them. It also contains information about the number of times the IP address was used to spoof domains added to the account, the number of times the IP address spoofed domains added to the platform, and the number of users who blacklisted the IP. 

Moreover, one of the most unique features of this page is that you can blacklist or whitelist IP addresses at your will with the click of a button. If you feel that an IP address has been falsely accused of spoofing you can whitelist it. Similarly, you can blacklist it locally on our platform if you feel the accusation is befitting. What’s even better is that, if you feel that it’s a malicious source that is constantly abusing your brand name and attempting to spoof your domain, you can send a request to take down this IP address from the PowerDMARC platform itself.

How is the IP Information Page Helpful? 

When you configure DMARC at enforcement, it can provide you with a certain level of immunity against domain spoofing and phishing attacks, however, a precaution is not the same as the cure. The primary purpose of the IP information page is to allow the user to clearly distinguish between malicious IP addresses that are spoofing his/her domain vs IP addresses that are being used to send incorrectly configured (un-aligned) emails on behalf of his/her domains.

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