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How to Enable SPF for Network Solutions (Netsol)?

In order to enable SPF for Network Solutions, you need to include Network Solutions in your SPF record. This will allow you to add Network Solutions to your authorized sending sources for SPF verification. Hence the next time your organization sends an email using Network Solutions as the third-party vendor, the email passes SPF and the domain name displayed in the recipient’s inbox is your domain name and not that of the email service used. 

Steps to Enable SPF for Network Solutions 

  • Open your DNS management console

  • Navigate to the domain for which you want to setup SPF for Network Solutions

Now, If you have a pre-existing SPF record in your DNS: 


You need to add (for non-hosted email) or (for hosted email) to your previous SPF record. Hence, if your previous SPF record prior to this was v=spf1 -all, your new record will be: 


v=spf1 -all


Note: Make sure you have only 1 SPF record configured for your domain. More than one record will break SPF and lead to SPF failure for legitimate emails. 


In case you don’t have a pre-existing SPF record in your DNS:


Simply add the following DNS TXT SPF record to your DNS: 

v=spf1 -all

Steps to Add an SPF Record in Network Solutions

  • Log in to your Network Solutions account

  • Click on Manage Domain Names

  • When you find your relevant domain name click on Manage

  • Navigate to Advanced DNS Manager on this page, and click on Change TXT record.

You can use our free SPF record generator to instantly create an SPF record for your domain if you're trying to set up SPF for a different domain ( with Network Solution as your domain hosting provider.

  • Navigate back to your Network Solutions cpanel and under the Text header, click on Edit

  • In the Host field, enter @ as your host 

  • In the Text field add the value of your SPF record

  • Click on Continue

  • Finally, click on Save changes to save your network solutions SPF record 

Note: If you don't use Network Solutions for domain hosting, but as an email vendor, and simply want to specify them as an authorized sending source for your emails, simply login to whichever DNS management console you're using and edit or add an SPF record with in it.

Finally, you can look up and validate the correctness of your SPF record using our free SPF record lookup tool, to ensure that your record is error-free. With this, you will have successfully configured SPF for Network Solutions. 


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