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How to Set Up SPF for Mailigen?

Email authentication with SPF is an essential part of your business’s online communications. It allows you to send emails confidently knowing that they are from you and that they have not been tampered with. This gives your recipients the assurance that your emails are coming from a legitimate source, and that you’re a trusted brand. 

Mailigen uses the SPF protocol to send your outbound messages. These protocols ensure that domains you use in your campaigns are validated as belonging to you and that the IP addresses of the message originators are authorized.  In order to create the SPF records, you need to follow Mailigen's instructions. Once they have given you the records you will have to create them on your server.

Setting Up SPF for Mailigen

  • Login to Mailigen and Navigate to the Email Authentication section

  • Click on Add a Domain 

  • Enter your domain name and click on the Get DNS Records button

  • Mailigen creates sender ID texts (SPF record) that you need to publish in your domain’s DNS. Copy the TXT value.

  • Open your DNS management console and paste the SPF record value. Save changes. 

  • Finally, lookup and validate your record using our SPF record lookup tool

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